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i18 – New Herman Miller Embody Chairs

Item Number: i18
Brand: Herman Miller
Quantity: Unlimited
Condition: New
Many fabrics and colors available to customize your own space.
Creating harmony between people and their technology.  Embody recognizes that people and their computers have a strained relationship.  We sit and stare at our monitors for hours, motionless, clicking stuff.  This lack of movement isn’t healthy.  For our bodies, or our minds.
Our economy runs on ideas.  We get paid for our brain’s daily output.  So we had an idea. Why not design a chair that helps you better focus on your ideas?  Big ideas. Small ideas.  Small ideas that turn into big ideas.
Movement energizes the brain.  Our bodies and minds work best when they’re in motion. Movement  allows blood and oxygen to flow more freely.  This keeps our brain more focused.  Embody lets you move like no other chair.

Come visit us at 380 Union Street in West Springfield to try this new chair!
Additional quantities and colors available through order
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